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San Diego Is a Time Saving City

Real Simple Magazine rates U.S. cities with the most time saving tricks



    San Diego Is a Time Saving City

    With takeout restaurants on almost every corner, easy access to a doctor and traffic lights that are timed so you're almost always seeing green, a city can offer its residents time-saving tricks to ease the chaos of daily life.

    If you think getting around San Diego is relatively easy and convenient, you might be right. 

    Real Simple Magazine has compiled a list of the top time-saving cities in the country-- based on issues including commute times, health and safety. 

    The magazine rated America's cities in the following categories:

    • Getting around, which Includes average commute, walkability, traffic congestion, and on-time performance at the local airport.
    • Health and safety, which takes into account the average wait to get a doctor's appointment, physicians per capita, and response times of paramedics.
    • Information and technology. This Includes broadband and wifi service, bookstores and libraries per capita, as well as helpful resources such as 211 hotlines.
    • Going Green. Energy time savers, such as access to recycling ,the number of farmers' markets, and bike friendliness.
    • Lifestyle. This Includes the number of personal trainers, takeout restaurants and other time-saving services.

    San Diego came in at 19.  The magazine found our city has the shortest average commute among the 10 largest cities in the United States.

    Seattle topped the list, thanks to easy public transit and plenty of cafes with Wi-Fi access. Portland was number 2, followed by San Francisco and Boston.

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