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Grand Jury: Teacher Evaluation System Broken



    Grand Jury: Teacher Evaluation System Broken

    The system used to evaluate teachers' job performance is broken and needs to be fixed according to a new San Diego County Grand Jury report.

    The grand jury investigated the current process of evaluating teachers in the 42 school districts within the county.

    According to its report released Monday, teachers are evaluated by criteria not developed by educators but rather by union leadership as part of contract negotiations.

    They also vary from district to district. The grand jury report recommends districts develop a uniform system of evaluation across the county.

    The panel suggests there be more individualized attention given to teachers.

    “Teacher evaluation appears to be basically a “boiler plate” process that is done periodically to assure the administration that the teacher is performing satisfactorily without incentive to achieve a higher standard of teaching or to excel,” the report reads.

    Districts should also evaluate tenured teachers more frequently to avoid “burn out” before it happens, the report suggests.

    Read the entire Grand Jury report here.