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San Diego Celebrates Cesar Chavez's Birthday

Cesar Chavez's march celebrated at Cesar Chavez park on Saturday Mar. 31. at 10 a. m.



    San Diego Celebrates Cesar Chavez's Birthday

    Cesar Chavez Day will be celebrated Saturday with a march in the remembrance of  his work.  

    Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee with Chavez, offered her thoughts on the labor leader's legacy. 

    On March 31, Chavez he would have been 85 years old if he were still alive. In California it is a state holiday and it is an optional holiday in other parts of the country.

    In San Diego alone all government offices closed Friday Mar. 30 in observance.

    Chavez fought to help workers get fair wages by creating unions and encouraging people to vote in order to get good politicians in office.

    NBC 7 San Diego spoke with Lorena Gonzales, C.E.O. of the San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council,  about how Chavez’s legacy was all about helping the lowest waged workers, even the folks who come across the border.

    Finding a need in organizing farm workers to dispute their salaries and working conditions, Chavez along with Dolores Huerta founded the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee.
    In an interview with NBC 7 San Diego, Huerta, now President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation, said, “The best way to celebrate Cesar’s life is to do something for your community and please get out there and vote and find out exactly what our legislators are doing.”

    Cesar Chavez Day March

    [DGO] Cesar Chavez Day March
    5th Annual Cesar Chavez Day March which will start at 10AM at Cesar Chavez Park, 1449 Cesar Chavez Parkway, San Diego, CA 92101 and include a march around Downtown San Diego. Around 3,000 people are expected to attend.
    (Published Wednesday, March 28, 2012)

    Undoubtedly Chavez’s life’s work was one of insuring that all workers have a decent life, by avoiding labor exploitation.

    The march is scheduled for Saturday, Mar. 31 at 10 a. m.  

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