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SDPD Officer Accused of Rape



    SDPD Officer Accused of Rape

    A San Diego police officer was suspended Friday and had his gun and badge taken away after he was accused of rape.

    A woman went to a local hospital and reported that she had been raped Wednesday by two acquaintances, a male San Diego police officer and a woman, according to El Cajon Police Lt. Mark Colt.

    El Cajon police interviewed the woman at the hospital and began the investigation.

    The officer, who has not been identified, is on unpaid administrative leave according to San Diego spokesperson Gary Hassen.

    Hassen said the officer was not wearing a uniform, but neither San Diego police nor El Cajon investigators will say whether the officer was on duty when the alleged rape happened.

    No arrest has been made. If the evidence shows a crime was committed, that information will be sent to the district attorney's office, and charges could be filed against one or both suspects.

    El Cajon police would not say where in El Cajon the alleged rape occurred.

    Hassen said the officer's police powers were suspended last Friday and his gun and badge were taken from him.

    San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne said his department will cooperate fully with the El Cajon police investigators.

    Lansdowne defended his decision to suspend the officer without pay and take his gun and badge. even though the case is still under investigation and the officer has not been charged.