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2 Killed in Bay Area Quarry Shooting

Suspect went on a killing rampage



    2 Killed in Bay Area Quarry Shooting
    Another shooting occurred in a parking lot near a retail structure on Homestead and Wolf streets in Sunnyvale, California Wednesday.

    An employee opened fire in a Cupertino cement quarry Wednesday morning, killing two employees and injuring more, according to NBCBayArea.com.

    The deadly shooting occurred at Lehigh Permanente Cement Inc. on Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino. The suspect, and employee identified as Shareef Allman, a 45-year-old man from San Jose, arrived in a red Dodge Neon and reportedly fled on foot carrying a 9mm handgun and an assault rifle, local police said.

    Allman allegedly walked into a scheduled meeting at the quarry and opened fire. Eight people were shot and two are confirmed dead, according to local police.

    Santa Clara Valley Medical Center spokesperson Joy Alexiou told the Associated Press that two victims arrived to the hospital in good and fair condition. Another victim was taken to the emergency room at Stanford University Medical Center, hospital spokesperson Paula Zimlicki told AP.

    Police say Allman contacted them via on-site radio and threatened to continue shooting. Police and a SWAT team plan on storming a home near a local preschool.

    Allman also reportedly shot a woman in the leg as he was attempting a carjack in a Sunnyvale parkinglot. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries.

    An earlier version of this story misstated that three were killed in Wednesday's shooting.