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Some Runaway Horses Need a Home



    Some Runaway Horses Need a Home
    Eleven horses were first spotted by a news helicopter running down Olympic Parkway shortly after 5 p.m.

    Some of the horse that galloped all over the Olymic Training Center are looking for homes.

    The herd of horses ran free in Chula Vista on March 24 before Border Patrol vehicles herded them to the training center. The 11 animals that escaped from the OK Corral in Otay Mesa ran down Olympic Parkway during rush hour, followed by a cowboy who eventually helped to capture the horses about an hour later.

    Seven of the horses were seized the following day by County Animal Services. At the time, animal services spokesman Dan DeSousa said the five horses and two foals were taken away because the ranch manager claimed the animals. The horses were taken to the Bonita shelter in the hopes that their owners would come forward, but no one did.

    Since no one claimed them, though, the county will accept applications for their adoption through April 17.

    Home Video Horses Wild Run III

    [DGO] Home Video Horses Wild Run III
    Home video of horses running wild through Chula Vista submitted by Tora Harris.
    (Published Thursday, March 25, 2010)

    "These horses have been through a traumatic event," said John Carlson, deputy director of the county department of animal services. "They were chased on very hard surfaces and sustained some injuries related to that. They have all been examined and treated by our veterinary staff but still need a little more time to recuperate."

    Officials said that contrary to earlier published reports, the animals are not "wild horses" and are comfortable around people.

    Adoption applications can be made in person at any county animal service. Aplications are also available online. Applications should be accompanied by a completed "sealed bid" form.