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Filner Guilty of 3 Criminal Charges in Sex Scandal

Rumors of Filner, Ingram Rekindling Relationship Untrue: Attorney



    Rumors of Filner, Ingram Rekindling Relationship Untrue: Attorney
    Bronwyn Ingram appeared with attorney Gloria Allred last month to say she hopes the city of San Diego will heal following Filner's resignation.

    Are former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and his ex-fiancée Bronwyn Ingram back together again?

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    That’s the question poised in this column from the San Diego Union-Tribune. The newspaper posted a blurry image reportedly taken in San Francisco and said to be showing Filner and Ingram seated at a restaurant.

    The paper also quoted another columnist from San Diego LGBT Weekly as having spotted the couple arm-in-arm around Fisherman’s Wharf.

    NBC 7 News reached out to Gloria Allred, who was representing Bronwyn Ingram when they both appeared at a news conference to call for Filner’s resignation in August.

    Filner resigned effective Aug. 30 amidst allegations of sexual harassment. In his last public statement as mayor, he emotionally apologized to his former fiancée.

    “Bob Filner and Bronwyn are not back together,” Allred said.

    Allred said she believes Bronwyn was with Filner because he had asked to apologize in person.

    “He did apologize tearfully and profusely,” Allred said.

    She said Ingram, who was in San Francisco visiting her niece, does not plan to see the former mayor again.

    Ingram was introduced to San Diegans in 2012 during Filner’s campaign for mayor. Once he was elected, he called her the “First Lady of San Diego.”

    The 48-year-old Ingram was in a three-year relationship with the 70-year-old former Congressman and planning for an October wedding when she called it off in July.