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Roses :Yes, Gladiolas: No

What flowers you can and cannot bring across the border for Valentines Day.



    Roses :Yes, Gladiolas: No
    This month's winter weather came at a bad time for local florists.

    With Valentine's Day right around the corner, many people are planning to bring flowers to their loved ones.  But what should you know if you are traveling?

    For the holiday, travelers may bring flowers with them from Mexico into the United States. However, Customs and Border Protection want residents and visitors to know that certain flowers are prohibited and they'll be checking at the border.

    "They can expect to have their flower arrangements inspected by a CBP agriculture specialist," said Leslie Gomez-Montez who is the CBP Agriculture Program Manager, "To insure that the flowers in the arrangement or the bouquet are those that are admissible from Mexico and also to check them to make sure they are free of pests and diseases." 

    Prohibited plants included chrysanthemums, gladiolas and murraya. Roses, carnations and most other flowers are allowed into the U.S. after they pass inspection. 

    However, plants potted in soil cannot be brought in from Mexico. And to avoid penalties, travelers must declare all flowers and plants to CBP officers.