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Ride Stuck at Belmont Park

Several patrons were on the Mission Beach ride as it was stopped



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    A picture of the Octotron from Belmont Park's website.

    A ride at Mission Beach's Belmont Park stopped abruptly for a period of time Wednesday afternoon, causing concern among the ride's occupants, authorities said.

    San Diego Fire Department officials recieved a call that someone on the ride was concerned about his or her wellbeing on the Octotron ride at the beachfront amusement park at about 5 p.m.

    The person was taken off the ride shortly after. Later, mechanics told park officials that the person tried to get off the ride, which triggered an emergency stop.

    The person was stuck on the ride for about a minute and a half, said Wendy Crane, general manager of the ride company.

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    A park spokesperson said the incident was a non-emergency, and is typical of this ride. The person who was concerned left the park before anyone could question him or her.

    "It looked like the guest just freaked out," Crane said.

    The ride, which opened in January 2011, moves forward and backward and tilts riders upside down. See ride operate here

    Earlier, the fire department reported that it was a roller coaster that was stuck up-side-down. Park officials later corrected the initial report.

    No one was injured during the incident. All the people on the ride were able to get off safely.

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