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Wrong-Way Driver Rolls Over on Freeway

High amount of accidents occurred late in the week heading into a holiday weekend



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    Thursday night and Friday morning were dangerous times on local roadways as rescue workers respond to car crashes all over our area.

    Early Friday morning on the 805, drivers started calling 911 reporting that a car was going the wrong way on the freeway.

    CHP said the car, at one point, flipped over onto its roof, but the driver kept going once the car was upright again.

    A patrol officer spotted the car with a smashed roof and that's how they were able to make an arrest.

    Also, a driver was arrested in a crash that happened in the Grossmont Mall.

    A woman and her child were waiting to meet the boy's dad when she says this white pick-up truck slammed into her car. They later found the man, asleep in his car.

    “I said jump into my car we'll drive around and we'll look for him,” said Mako Pom, a family member of one of the victims. “If we see him we'll call the cops. Next thing you know, we saw his car was running, lights on everything and he was passed out in in it.”

    Police suspect drunk driving, and have charged the man with causing a hit and run.

    Another accident involved a car flipped onto its roof near the 41st Street and University. Inside was a family -- parents and two children.

    The father who was driving says everyone got out uninjured, and credits the kids' car seats for keeping them safe while inside the flipped car.

    No drunk driving is suspected in this crash. Police on scene say it appears the other car tried to make a yellow light when the crash happened.

    The next crash happened in Rancho Penasquitos and police who responded suspect one of the drivers may have been drunk.

    Two female drivers were injured and taken to the hospital. One of the cars smashed into trees and planters.