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Risqué Rescue: Naked Woman on the Bluffs



    Risqué Rescue: Naked Woman on the Bluffs
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    A woman, who was found in the buff on the bluffs above Black’s Beach in Torrey Pines, has been rescued.

    The 911 call came in around 2.15 p.m. Tuesday. But it’s not yet clear who spotted the naked woman in distress.

    “To be honest I’m not sure where the cell phone call originated from, but it was someone who was in the area. I’m going to guess that it was either a paraglider or someone on the beach, because you can’t see her from the top,” said Lt. Greg. Buchanan.

    The woman was spotted just north of the glider port.

    Raw Video: Naked Woman Rescue

    [DGO] Raw Video: Naked Woman Rescue
    A naked woman was rescued from the cliffs just north of the glider port.
    (Published Tuesday, March 22, 2011)

    “It’s an area where we don’t usually make rescues,” said Lt. Buchanan.

    He thinks she may have traversed across the face of the cliff.

    “And get in a spot where she really couldn’t go up, down or sideways,” said Lt. Buchanan. “So that’s a little bit unusual. Beyond that, everything else was just a classic cliff rescue.”

    Classic, apart from the fact that she wasn’t wearing any clothes.

    “That’s true. She is naked. But she had clothes on the cliff and so she has since retrieved her clothes and she now has her clothes back on,” said Lt. Buchanan.

    The woman was lowered to the beach below. Lifeguards weren’t sure why she was up there.

    “We’re not super clear on exactly why she chose that path, but we’ll contact her down below and get the full skinny,” said Lt. Buchanan. “There is a lot of signage around here and fencing that would indicate that she shouldn’t.”

    The woman suffered minor injuries, a couple of scraped knees, lifeguards said.