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Ramona Schools Hiring Subs in Event of Teacher Strike

Classified ads offer substitute teaching positions at $275 a day



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    The ad that appeared this week seeking substitute teachers and offering $275 a day.

    The Ramona Unified School District is recruiting emergency substitute teachers in preparation for a possible strike.

    The school board has asked teachers to take furlough days or reduced pay in order for the district to be financially solvent.

    Teachers are scheduled to meet Thursday with union representatives. They’ll discuss a fact-finding report from the district.

    “We hope the teachers return to the bargaining table in the very near future and agree to a negotiated settlement,” said Superintendent Robert Graeff.

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    Ramona teachers talk to NBC 7 reporter Nicole Gonzales about an increased payment for substitute teachers.
    (Published Tuesday, April 9, 2013)

    In the meantime, a classified ad has been published seeking "emergency substitute teachers" that would pay $275 per day.

    Normally, substitute teachers get $95 a day, but in this case, the district is providing extra incentive for workers to cross the picket line, should there by a strike.

    “There's a light at the end of the tunnel, whether it's good or bad we really don't know yet,” said Civics/Economics teacher Greg Fernandez.

    He’d like a settlement, even if it means taking concessions.

    “I don’t want to strike, no,” Fernandez said. “We don’t want to strike.”

    The teachers association didn't return calls to NBC 7 San Diego Tuesday.