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Rally Will Protest New Anti-Illegal Immigrant Law



    Rally Will Protest New Anti-Illegal Immigrant Law
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    San Diego activists are gearing up for a protest to sound off on Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law.

    The protest will follow a massive Phoenix rally, where chants, music and picket signs surrounded the state's capital Sunday afternoon.

    The controversial law, SB 1070, was signed on Friday. It allows police officers to question anyone they believe is in the country illegally. Furthermore, it requires one to carry documents proving one's legal status.
    Critics said the law is based on racial profiling.

    "It's a law that discriminates people based on who they are, what they look like and what language they speak," said Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Democrat, during the rally.
    Now the controversy is making its way to San Diego.
    Local activists who drove to Phoenix to take part in the rally are organizing a protest on Monday outside San Diego's downtown federal building. The protest is scheduled to begin at 6.p.m.
    "It will be an expression of solidarity from San Diegans from throughout the county," said Pedro Rios from the American Friends Service Committee. "We cannot tolerate bad decision making that's motivated by hatred or that's motivated by political interests."
    Supporters of the law say the measure is long overdue. Although controversial, some legislators believe years of indifference from the federal government left the state no other choice but to deal with illegal immigration on its own terms.
    "Though many people disagree, I firmly believe it's what is best for Arizona," said Gov. Jan Brewer moments after signing the law.
    During a press conference, Brewers said that illegal immigration has become a dangerous reality in Arizona --something she attributes to the federal government's unwillingness to act.
    "No more can we sit on the sidelines," said Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce. "[We can't] be spectators to the destruction of this nation."
    The law could go into effect this summer. However, Rios said, many groups are already looking into taking legal action to prevent the law from being implemented.
    "This law ignores our civil liberties," said Rios. "There are groups already working on getting an injunction."
    Recently Pres. Barack Obama called the new immigration law "misguided." The Justice Department is examining the measure to see if it's lawful.