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Professors Targeted by Disturbing Postcards



    Professors Targeted by Disturbing Postcards
    North County Times
    Palomar College English professor Fergal O'Doherty shows one of 10 disturbing, threatening postcards he has received anonymously in the mail since mid-2008.

    An openly gay Palomar College professor said this week that county, university and federal investigators launched inquiries last week into a series of disturbing, threatening postcards sent anonymously to him and two other instructors since mid-2008, the North County Times reported.

    English professor Fergal O'Doherty told the paper an FBI agent contacted him Jan. 21 to tell him an investigation was under way.

    "The primary reason they're investigating is because anything threatening sent through the U.S. mail is automatically a federal crime," O'Doherty said of his conversations with the FBI agent. "They're still trying to figure out if it qualifies as a hate crime as well."

    FBI spokesman Darrell Foxworth said this week the bureau's policy is to neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation.

    Officials at the county district attorney's office and Palomar police confirmed this week they're investigating the correspondence, the paper reported.

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