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Profanity in McD’s Play Place

Nursing students protest to fight management negligence



    Profanity in McD’s Play Place
    Lauren Miesse
    Profanity found within the McDonald's PlayPlace in City Heights.

    A McDonald’s playground in City Heights cluttered with profane vandalism has prompted students at SDSU to protest against why they say management is negligent to cleaning the area.

    Protesters hope McDonald's’ will no longer neglect the area, as the images and words are completely inappropriate for children, said Lauren Miesse, a senior nursing student.

    The management for the fast food restaurant on 3879 Fairmount Ave. is aware the tagging and pornographic drawings, however the images have not been removed.

    “There’s nothing being done,” she said, “We’ve talked to legislators and community leaders … still nothing.”

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    A small group of the students demonstrated on the sidewalk near the McDonald's, since they are not allowed on the property itself. Miesse said that parents in the area were trying to clean it following the protest.

    “Our goal is to have this playland clean and appropriate for use by the children of this community,” the students wrote in a letter to city officials.

    The owner of the City Heights McDonald's, Philip Palumbo, wrote in a statement to NBC San Diego: “Sanitation and cleanliness is a top priority for myself and my restaurant staff.”

    Palumbo wrote that he only recently purchased this McDonald's location and is taking “corrective action” to address the concerns of the littered PlayPlace.