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Prison Time for Day-Care Owners



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    Anita (L) and Mark Kaczmarczyk listen as parents of their victims describe the consequences of the abuse.

    Parents asked for the maximum sentence for the couple who molested and abused four children at a Mission Valley daycare.

    Mark Kaczmarczyk, 59, was sentenced to eight years in prison Monday. His wife, Anita Kaczmarczyk, will spend six years in prison. Their victims attended the daycare operated by Anita Kaczmarczyk at the couple's apartment.

    Mark Kaczmarczyk is a "manipulator and a predator," one victim's father told the court at the couple's sentencing.

    Because Kaczmarczyk victimized toddlers, he is "the worst kind of predator," the man said. 

    As for the woman who was paid to care for the children, the father asked she receive the maximum penalty along with her husband.

    “She didn’t protect the kids under her care,” said one father. “That in itself deserves the max sentence.”

    The abuse was discovered after one mother saw bruising on her daughter's genitals. Then, a mother reported her son's penis was black and blue and another mother reported a scratch on her boy's testicles.

    One mother, who delivered her victim impact statement from USS Carl Vinson, called the abuse of her daughter “inexcusable.” 

    "No child deserves to have their innocence taken from them as she did,” the mother said.

    One boy's mother, who herself was active military at the time her son was abused, said she and her son will live with "the haunting idea" that there may have been other abuse that was uncovered.

    “These questions will remain unanswered and that is the most painful part,” she said.

    Judge John Einhorn called the acts "unpardonable."

    After charges were filed in 2007, the Kaczmarczyks fled the country.  Police tracked Mark Kaczmarczyk down after the U.S. Federal Investigation Bureau informed them that Kaczmarczyk left Hong Kong for Taiwan in early January 2008.