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Pretend Abduction Detailed in Marine Wife Murder Case

A woman describes how she took part in a pretend abduction scenario with the defendants in the murder case



    Pretend Abduction Detailed in Marine Wife Murder Case
    Brittany Killgore's body was found April 17 with injuries to her neck that “were consistent with her being strangled" according to court documents.

    In the murder case of a North County Marine wife, who officials say was an unwilling participant in a deadly sex game, another woman testified Thrusday that she once took part in a pretend abduction as part of the defendants’ bondage, discipline and sadomasochistic lifestyle.

    Fallbrook resident Brittany Killgore, 22, was found dead April 17 in Riverside County four days after she was reported missing.

    Prosecutors claim the three defendants conspired to kidnap, torture and sexually assault Killgore.

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    According to testimony in the four days of a preliminary hearing, defendants Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino, Jessica Lynn Lopez and U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Perez participate in BDSM using tools like restraints, vampire gloves, a spider web and a spanking bench.

    The witness, identified as “Nicole” was a member of the BDSM family inside the home on East Fallbrook Street for three months in 2010.

    When she first arranged to meet Perez and Maraglino she was told to drive to a location in Fallbrook and wait for instructions.

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    Soon after, Perez called her and told her to get into a white truck next to her. Maraglino was in the driver’s seat of the truck.

    “I did what was asked of me,” she testified. “I put on the blindfold and got in the truck.”

    She said Maraglino drove to the home on East Fallbrook Street and Perez helped her into the downstairs level known as “the dungeon.”

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    Her testimony soon became very graphic as she described Maraglino using restraints to hold her to a spanking bench.

    She also described other instances of “play” where she would be choked or smothered with someone’s hands.

    She testified Maraglino wanted to have four slaves in the home and invited her to sign a contract to be a slave in her BDSM family unit.

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    She also testified Staff Sgt. Perez, who has been described as “Master” by other witnesses was not the dominant in the home.

    In other testimony, Nicole said the defendants enjoyed watching the Showtime series "Dexter" about a serial killer.

    Nicole testified Maraglino was fascinated with blood and described an incident during “needle play.”

    “When she took the needles out there was blood and she smeared it, smiling,” she said. “It was one of her fetishes.” 

    Under cross-examination, Maraglino's defense attorney pointed out that the woman did not know the defendants' current relationship.

    Nicole also testified Maraglino had "total control" of Lopez and that Lopez "made a much better slave."

    San Diego County medical examiner Craig Nelson also took the stand Thursday and described the condition in which Killgore’s body was found, including extensive neck injuries.

    “She had two marks on her neck – one of what we might call the front of her neck and the other basically on the back,” explained Nelson.

    Killgore was last seen wearing a dark purple evening gown with purple floral glitter patterns on April 13.

    She was found four days later near Lake Skinner with injuries to her neck that “were consistent with her being strangled” and injuries and her wrist and leg that were “consistent with someone using a tool such as a saw [sic] an attempt at dismembering her,” according to court documents.