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Pre-Dawn Meteor Shower to Light up Sky

Scientists believe meteors broke off of comet several centuries ago



    Pre-Dawn Meteor Shower to Light up Sky

    After hundreds of years orbiting the sun, a centuries-old meteor shower will fly across the northern hemisphere early Wednesday morning.

    Skywatchers in San Diego will have a chance to witness the meteor shower if they wake up before the sun rises, at about 3 a.m., according to The Weather Channel.

    This meteor shower, otherwise known as the 2012 Quadrantids, will enter our atmosphere at 90,000 mph

    They will burn away about 50 miles above Earth's surface.

    Scientists believe the Quadrantids started out as a comet, but broke apart into fragments several centuries ago. Since then, the fragments have been orbiting the sun.

    In San Diego, the National Weather Service expects that patchy fog may obscure visibility of the shower in some parts, with some clouds in most of the region.