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Poway Teen Took Opiates, Marijuana Before Deadly Shooting: ME

Uncertainty still surrounds the manner of Luke Lipscomb's death



    Poway Teen Took Opiates, Marijuana Before Deadly Shooting: ME
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    Students set up a memorial with Luke's name and lacrosse number on Monday.

    A Medical Examiner's report released Wednesday confirmed a Poway teen found shot and unconscious took some form of opiate and marijuana before the fatal incident. 

    Luke Lipscomb died in November, about two weeks after a shooting occurred in a friend's home on Midland Rd.

    The teen was reportedly smoking marijuana at his friend's house when he starting acting violent and bizarre, the report read.

    The individual who called the fire department said Lipscomb shot himself. Lipscomb was found lying on his back with a pool of blood coming from his head and a rifle resting on his stomach. One of the teens was present when authorities arrived and was handcuffed by deputies. The other teen ran away.

    Poway Teen Mourned at High School

    [DGO] Poway Teen Mourned at High School
    A small memorial lined the fence at Poway High School with the initials and lacrosse number of a teen who was shot and later died in a neighbors home.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011)

    Lipscomb was transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound on his forehead, between his eyes. He became unconscious and died about two weeks later.

    At the time of his death, the official who pronounced the teen dead suspected homicide.

    After months of investigation, though, the Medical Examiner could still not determine whether Lipscomb was shot or if the wound was self-inflicted.

    "Even assuming the wound was self-inflicted, it is not clear what the decedent’s state of mind was at that time," the report read. "Therefore, the manner of death is best classified as undetermined."

    Authorities suspected Lipscomb and his friends were using a hallucinogenic drug. Lipscomb's blood tested positive for opiates and he was also found with marijuana in his system.

    Sheriff's investigators have still not released details of the shooting, or identified the owner of the gun.

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