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How Did This Lizard End Up in RB?

San Diego Zoo confirms it's a venomous Mexican Beaded Lizard, far from home



    How Did This Lizard End Up in RB?
    San Diego Department of Animal Services
    Authorities says the reptile found in Rancho Bernardo on Friday is a venomous Beaded Lizard.

    The San Diego Zoo has positively identified a lizard found in a Rancho Bernardo yard as a potentially dangerous reptile called the “Mexican beaded lizard”, according to county officials.

    A resident found the reptile while doing yard work at a home in the 12,800 block of Lunada Place, according to Lt. Dan DeSousa of San Diego County Animal Services.

    “They called our department and said they had a Gilo Monster,” said DeSousa.

    He said the officer was a little suspicious.

     “So she called the folks up and said, are you sure it’s a Gilo Monster and not an iguana?” DeSousa said. “They said no, we googled it. It’s a Gilo monster.”

    The Gilo Monster and beaded lizard are very similar in appearance. And both venomous.
    The big question: How did he get there?

    “A Mexican beaded lizard is from the southern portion of Mexico. So someone obviously picked this thing up or had it as a pet. Those are the questions we don’t know,” said DeSousa.

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    DeSousa says it is illegal to possess a venomous animal under county law.

    On Tuesday night, the officers moved the lizard to the San Diego County Zoo.

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