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A Clairemont "Pot Farm" Catches Fire

The resident he had legal permission to grow the pot



    A Clairemont "Pot Farm" Catches Fire

    A Clairemont home caught fire on Monday upon arrival firefighters discovered a pot growing operation inside the garage.

    Heavy smoke was pouring out of the house, located in the 3500-block of Mt. Burnham Court, when firefighters arrived at the home around 10:00 a.m.

    Firefighters were a bit delayed getting to the home, because area engines were out of service said Maurice Luque, a spokesperson for the San Diego Fire and Rescue Department.

    "There was an initial delay in getting crews here, because the four engine companies that serve this area were unavailable because of various reasons, mostly mechanical reasons, so crews had to come from farther away, that of course delayed the time to get water on the fire," Luque said.

    A Clairemont 'Pot Farm' Catches Fire

    [DGO] A Clairemont 'Pot Farm' Catches Fire
    Firefighters smelled something very unusual in the garage of that burning home.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 29, 2010)

    Three of the fire engines were out becuase of mechanical reasons, the fourth was browned out, Luque said.

    He said the delay allowed the fire to spread from the garage to the home and attic.

    The home's occupants were at home during the fire and were outside when firefighters arrived.

    The homeowner told firefighters he was legally allowed to grow pot inside his home. However, San Diego police say the man was never given permission to grow marijuana inside his home. Police will conduct a separate investigation, Luque said.

    There were no injuries, but Luque said firefighters working the fire were exposed to the various toxins from the plants and chemicals inside the garage.

    Firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire.