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Poway Couple Helped Sex Assault Victim



    A Poway couple called authorities after discovering a crying, injured woman at their front door Saturday morning. The young woman told deputies she woke up in a field after being hit in the head. Investigators said the woman may have also been sexually assaulted.

    The 27-year-old was walking in the 12600 Block of Metate Lane when she was allegedly assaulted and lost consciousness.

    “When she awoke in a nearby field, she believed she had been sexually assaulted,” said Lt. James Bolwerk.

    The victim made her way to a nearby home and awoke residents, Anthony Fincher and Denise Kadar, who called deputies.

    Poway Couple Helps Sex Assault Victim

    [DGO] Poway Couple Helps Sex Assault Victim
    A woman woke up in a field after a surprise attack and sexual assault.
    (Published Tuesday, April 26, 2011)

    “It was about five minutes to 1 a.m. when our doorbell started ringing,” Kadar said.

    "I opened the door and she asked for help," Kadar said. "I helped her up. She was hurt, she was not moving well."

    The couple said the woman was crying, covered in grass with scratches on her hand and kept apologizing for bothering them.

    The victim told deputies she had left a friend's house and was walking along the Poway street when she says she was attacked and knocked unconscious.

    “ She said she was walking and had a sudden sharp pain in the back of her head and then woke up in the field and didn't have her pants on,” Kadar said.

    Investigators brought a search dog and located the victim's missing shoe and purse in the field.

    “She was taken to Pomerado Hospital, treated for injuries, and examined for a sexual assault,” said Lt. Bolwerk.

    The investigation is ongoing, deputies said. Residents are hoping an arrest is made soon.

    "The evidence seems to suggest that something happened and it wasn't good," said Fincher. "So i hope she is okay."

    Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Sheriff's Sexual Assault Unit at (858) 974-2771.