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11/11/11 = Popular Wedding Date

Clerk’s office received hundreds of requests for marriage appointments



    11/11/11 = Popular Wedding Date
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    Want to get married on a day your future spouse will remember? Get in line.

    An overwhelming amount of in San Diegians will wed on 11/11/11, according to the San Diego County Clerk’s office.

    The office received hundreds of calls requesting appointments for the memorable day – which happens to fall on Veterans Day this year, so the County offices will be closed.

    “Our phones were ringing off the hook,” a receptionist at the Clerk’s office said.

    Many of the authorized notaries listed on the County’s website said they will be performing about four weddings on Friday, which is a considerably high number of ceremonies for one day.

    “People are getting real crazy about that day,” said Notary Joanna Caro. “I’ve been in this business for a long time, and people usually want to get married on those repetitive days. But this day, we’re doing a pretty good amount of weddings.”

    Caro suspects that couples interested in numerology know 11 is a power number – others may just like the date because it’s easy to remember.

    Though she does not intend to charge more for her notary services on 11/11/11, she knows other notaries will. Caro would not name those officials, but she said some of them include priests.

    “It’s a little shocking, but it’s a very popular day.”