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Police Surround Encanto Home



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    Mark Leimbach

    Officers surrounded an Encanto home Tuesday, with guns drawn, after neighbors reported hearing a rifle being fired behind the home.

    "Everybody come out of the house," San Diego police officers ordered over a loudspeaker from outside the home in the 1600-block of Winnett Street.

    Two men and a woman holding a child wrapped in a red blanket walked out of the home past an officer holding a barking police dog.

    Three men and one woman were ordered to the ground and cuffed while family members stood nearby holding the child and a small dog. Officers said there were about eight to ten people inside the home.

    Officers then moved in through an open garage door while neighbors stood along a nearby fence watching. Other officers stood on guard in the back yard of the home just in case a suspect were to flee out the back door.

    Officers said they found a .22 rifle that was being fired loaded with one jammed. There was evidence the rifle had been fired Farrar said.

    "There's evidence that there was a lot of drinking, empty beer cans, and the two people we did arrest were intoxicated," said Lt. Deborah Farrar with the Southeastern division.

    Two people were arrested. One will face charges for unlawfully firing a gun in a residential neighborhood, according to Farrar. The other faces charges for resisting arrest, she said.

    "It was a very dangerous sitiation but fortunately it was resolved very peacefully," Farrar said.

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