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Ultimate Library Fine: Jail



    Ultimate Library Fine: Jail

    Carlsbad police have made an arrest in a county-wide library book theft crime-ring, investigators said Tuesday.

    Investigators served a search warrant on Sept. 6 at the home of 44-year-old Maria Natar. Deputies found 2000 library books and DVDs in Natar's home and took her into custody.

    The book and DVDs came from libraries in the city of Carlsbad and San Diego County.

    “Carlsbad library representatives noticed a significant loss of library books between March and July of 2011, and reported the missing books to the police department," said Carlsbad police Detective Weber. "Library representatives also reported the suspicious activities of library patron, Maria Natar, which lead the police department to the residence in Vista and the subsequent arrest.”

    Investigators say they are trying to sort through the books and DVDs to find their rightful owners.

    The value of Carlsbad’s missing library books is over $5,000.00 and climbing, police said.