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Point Loma Schools Targeted for Closure, Parents Cry Foul

San Diego Unified School District aims to close 10 to 15 schools saving an estimated $5 million



    Hundreds of parents, students and educators attended a rally and meeting Monday, put together by an organization of parents concerned about the impact of school closures in Point Loma.

    Parents are wondering if the Point Loma cluster is not being unfairly targeted, with three out of ten schools up for possible closure.

    Under the proposal, Barnard Academy, which is a magnate school where students learn Mandarin Chinese, would move its program to another school in the Point Loma cluster or somewhere else in the district.

    The campus would close.

    Possible School Closures Enrage Parents

    [DGO] Possible School Closures Enrage Parents
    Concerned parents and educators about possible school closures hold a rally and meeting to discuss what they consider an unfair number of Point Loma-area schools on a closure list. Rory Devine reports.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011)

    Dana or Correia Middle schools would close, along with one elementary school which is likely Cabrillo Elementary.

    “We’re down to the very basic infrastructure of the district, the properties - closing schools, selling real estate. It’s dire times,“ said Deputy Superintendent Phil Stover.

    The other schools in the cluster would absorb the re-located students.

    Up to 14 City Schools Face Closure

    [DGO] Up to 14 City Schools Face Closure
    San Diego Unified School District reported Friday that they will consider the closure of over a dozen schools at the end of this school year. Chris Chan reports.
    (Published Friday, Oct. 21, 2011)

    Parents worry about overcrowding at those schools, and say closing three out of ten schools in one cluster is not financially prudent or fair.

    Critics say the district has not given them a reason why they are targeting these three schools.

    “I wish that Sacramento understood some of the things we're dealing with. I really think they don't,” said Gilbert Gutierrez, Area 6 Superintendent with the San Diego Unified School District. “I don't think they see what our children are going to be faced with. I hope they are hearing your voice as loudly as we are.”

    Board member Scott Barnett said with 10 to 15 school closures, the district could save $5 million a year.

    With the way the state is funding schools, a second round of closures could be forthcoming he said. 

    There is a chance that none of the Point Loma schools will close. On Dec. 13 board members will vote on the committee’s recommendations.

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