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Plaza Plan Brings Firestorm of Responses

Balboa Park renovations were given the go-ahead Monday



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    The animation above depicts an aerial view of the Centennial Bridge leading into the Alcazar Parking Lot. Please note how thin the bridge columns are. Within the Alcazar lot note the drop-off area, sound wall, raised pedestrian crossings and the overall increase in planting within the lot. All improvements intended to maximize user comfort while minimizing impacts on the Alcazar Gardens.

    San Diego's true colors shined bright during Monday's hours-long debate over whether to approve the contentious Plaza de Panama plan.

    The proposed renovations of the Balboa Park area include the construction of a bypass road off of the Cabrillo Bridge an 800-space underground paid parking lot.

    Planners expect that the renovations will cost about $40 million, with $25 of that pledged by Qualcomm Founder Irwin Jacobs, and the rest from the revenue raised by parking fees.

    The costliness of the renovations, combined with the sensitivity surrounding the park's historical significance has fueled a firestorm of debate over the past two years. The anger was at its highest during the lengthy city council meeting Monday night. 

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    Councilmembers eventually approved the vote, but not without some cheers and jeers from their constituents.

    Here's a collection of responses to the plan from our friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter: