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Pink Ribbons Forever

Nittis Tattoo Shop finds a way to give back



    Pink Ribbons Forever
    Nicholle Tena receives a tattoo in honor of her grandmother.

    San Diego's Susan G. Komen 3-day Race for the Cure may be over, but a local tattoo shop gave people a permanent way to continue the fight.

    Over the weekend, Nittis Tattoo Parlor in Chula Vista offered free pink ribbon tattoos, the symbol of breast cancer, to the first 20 customers. The owner of the shop said he did it to raise awareness and to give back to his community.

    "What it does when it finally does hit your family and you are aware of what cancer really does, that is a real dark place," said Nittis Tattoo shop owner Mr. Sleeps.

    Many of the artists in the shop have been personally affected by breast cancer

    "My mom had breast cancer, so I wanted to get involved in something to give back," said Nittis tattoo artist Mr. Flacks. "[I'm] doing this to raise awareness and to really give back to the community."

    One woman got a pink ribbon tattoo put on her arm in memory of her grandmother.

    "It is a permanent memory," said Nicholle Tena. "It is going to be there no matter what and my grandmother's memory will always be with me. I put it on my left arm because my left arm is closest to my heart."

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    Tena said her grandmother fought hard to battle the disease, but eventually lost her fight.

    She has some words of advice to people suffering from the disease, "Stay strong and believe that everything is going to be ok."

    The shop also held a BBQ to help raise money to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and plans on making a separate contribution to the organization.