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Cop Testifies in Coronado Bridge Road Rage Trial



    A San Diego police officer testified two drivers exchanged gestures moments before a high-speed crash on the Coronado-Bay Bridge.

    Jurors heard testimony in the trial of a San Diego man accused of using his car to ram a motorcycle on the Coronado-Bay Bridge.

    Phillip Eggers faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment after the May 18 collision between his BMW and a motorcycle.

    Both vehicles were traveling approximately 90 miles an hour across the bridge, witness Craig Evans testified Wednesday.

    Witnesses Testify in Road Rage Trial

    [DGO] Trial Starts for Phillip Eggers
    Phillip Eggers faces 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly driving erratic with his girlfriend's three year old son in the back seat. NBC 7's Elena Gomez reports.
    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013)

    Evans, an off-duty police officer, said Eggers weaved in and out of traffic without signaling and clearly looked over his left shoulder before pulling in front of the motorcycle.

    “I could actually see the front of the vehicle in this case move the left more abruptly than a normal lane change,” Evans said.

    The married couple riding on the motorcycle were thrown from the vehicle and injured.

    Driver Arrested in Coronado Bridge Crash

    [DGO] Driver Arrested in Coronado Bridge Crash
    According to CHP officials, a motorcyclist exchanged words and hand gestures with the driver of a blue BMW. Then, officers arrested the BMW driver Phillip Michael Eggers.
    (Published Monday, May 20, 2013)

    Eggers’ defense attorney did not dispute his client had cut off the motorcycle driver in an attempt to get onto the Coronado Bridge but said the incident was not road rage as prosecutors claims.

    Evans testified he saw hand gestures exchanged between Eggers and the motorcyclists moments before the collision.

    Eggers, who was traveling with his former girlfriend and her 3-year-old son, didn’t stop on the bridge but continued driving and pulled over onto Glorietta Boulevard.

    When Eggers stepped out of his car, Evans pulled out a gun and showed his badge to Eggers and waited for uniformed officers to arrive.

    Defense attorneys called the charges a “terrible rush to judgment” and said the motorcycle had been splitting lanes on the bridge and was in the BMW’s blind spot at the time of the crash.