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Pendleton Marine Killed in Palm Springs Police Shooting



    A Camp Pendleton marine is dead after a violent shootout with Palm Springs police early Saturday morning.

    Police shot and killed the man after the bars closed in downtown Palm Springs in the 200-block of South Indian Drive at about 2 a.m., according to the Palm Springs Police Department.

    Two bike officers responded to a disturbance between groups in two separate cars in a parking structure. The officers had already been in contact with some of those same people earlier in the night and recognized the group.

    Police said the two men began yelling derogatory comments at the officers. The officers got off their bikes and approached one of the vehicles on foot. 

    At that time, the suspect in the driver's seat of the car attempted to turn his vehicle around. Officers told him to stop, but he reportedly refused. He accelerated directly toward of of the officers, striking him and then crashing into a wall.

    The two officers, fearing for their safety and the safety of others pulled out their guns and fired four times, according to a department statement.

    The suspect driving the car died at the scene. The passenger was uninjured.

    Inside the suspects' car, police also found a stolen phone and wallet.

    Authorities say the suspect's family is still being notified, but a Camp Pendleton spokesman confirmed an active duty marine was involved.

    According to the Desert Sun, the Marine who was killed was Cpl. Allan DeVillena II, 22, of San Jose. DeVillena's family came to the paper and said the Marines came to their house to notify them of their son's death.