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Pelicans Aplenty Stir Wonder

Experts unsure of reasons behind bevy of birds



    Pelicans Aplenty Stir Wonder
    Hayne Palmour IV - NC Times
    Brittany Shea and David Abel, relaxing on a bluff near Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad, watch as a flock of pelicans fly south. People have been reporting an increased number of pelicans flying up and down the North County coastline the past week.

    Throngs of brown pelicans have been filling the skies over the coast and breeding in new territory, puzzling experts and stirring both wonder and annoyance among coastal residents, reports The North County Times.

    Flocks of a dozen or more pelicans glided over beaches in chevron-shaped flying patterns or in undulating single file on a recent afternoon, often keeping pace with traffic on the coastal highway.

    And this spring, for the first time in recorded history, the once-endangered birds were spotted breeding on San Clemente Island, said seabird expert Laird Henkel with the state Department of Fish and Game.

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