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Parents Want Lakeside Skateboard-Only Park Opened to All



    Lakeside Skatepark Rule Sparks Debate

    A new skatepark in Lakeside has sparked debate among residents, as rules at the park clearly state it's only designed for skateboarders. Some residents argue the park should be open to all, including those on bicycles and scooters. NBC 7's Vanessa Herrera reports. (Published Friday, May 2, 2014)

     Some East County Residents are looking for changes at a skatepark just a week after it opened.

    The Lakeside Skatepark opened April 25 on Lindo Lane, and residents say they like having the skatepark because it keeps kids out of trouble.

    "I love the fact that it's an open park that kids can come and enjoy and families can come and enjoy and give somewhere for the kids, just give the kids a place to go and have fun," said mother Michelle Laxson.

    But Lakeside mothers like Laxson wish to see a change in one, big rule.

    As it stands, the park has a skateboard-only mandate, meaning BMX bikes, scooters and other rides aren’t allowed within the park. The rules are noted on signs nearby.

    Grandfather Pat Ireland said his 4-year-old grandson enjoys riding his bicycle at the park and doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

    "The signage over there says you can only use skateboards in here. Well to me that's ridiculous," said Ireland.

    But opinions differ depending who you ask.

    If you ask a hardcore skateboarder like David Galloway, he says skateboards-only is the way it should be.

    "Only because we had all these companies that you know, donated so much money for skateboards-only,” said Galloway. “And I'm not against the biking community or the scooter community, but bikes are just too big for this park."

    NBC 7 talked to Jan Caldwell, spokesperson for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. She said deputies have started citing those not obeying the skateboard-only law.

    They have also begun writing tickets to those not wearing the proper safety gear such as helmets and elbow pads.