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Paradise Point Transforms for Counter-Terrorism Summit



    Paradise Point Transforms for Counter-Terrorism Summit

    Paradise Point is not it's peaceful, tranquil self this week.

    It has been transformed into an immersion setting for this year's Halo Counter-Terrorism Summit.

    It's a national security and emergency preparedness event, and it brings together various national security stakeholders to learn together and train together in a week long summit.

    The summit brings together members of the military, law enforcement, and intelligence communities, and they interact in a classroom setting discussing how to handle different scenarios.

    In one class, participants were split into two groups: one working as a terrorist organization planning an attack, while the other group worked as a security team to counter it.

    But the training goes beyond the classroom. Outside are displays from companies that make operational equipment, and participants can test out innovative technologies through interactive displays and reality-based training stations.

    Carl Hospedale is teaching a class on terrorism and says one of the most important aspects of this event is the opportunity for various organizations to train together.

    “In the event of a terrorist attack or a catastrophic incident or a critical incident, they can work with police departments," said Hospedale.

    This event continues throughout the week and includes live action training scenarios that simulate real-world operations.