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Pala Indian Tribe Expels 154

Pala Indian tribe expelled 154 individuals on Wednesday



    Pala Indian Tribe Expels 154

    The North County tribe of the Pala Band Mission Indians has expelled 154 people on Wednesday.

    Tose expelled may have been connected with eight people removed from the tribe in June, according to Pala spokesperson Doug Elmet.

    The decision was made by the tribal council -- although he did not agree to talk about the reasons behind this issue. He also said that it’s the tribe’s right to define its own membership.

    These expelled members account for 15 percent of the population, which will be losing privileges such as receiving payments of more than $150,000 a year that comes from the Pala Casino and Spa. They will also be excluded from other benefits, such as health, educational and housing assistance.

    A letter from the Pala’s executive committee was issued to eight individuals in June, stating that they were excluded from the tribe due to not meeting the required 1/16th Pala blood quantum.

    The children of former Pala’s Chairman King Freeman, were among the people who received the letter of expulsion. His children are descendants of the late Margarita Brittan, who passed in 1925.

    According to Elmet, the individuals expelled still reserve the right to appeal the tribe’s decision with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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