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Painter Has Brush With Death

A man was painting when suddenly his canvas looked a lot different.



    Painter Has Brush With Death

    A man painting an apartment in Mira Mesa was minding his own business Saturday, when suddenly he had a feeling something bad was about to happen.

    “I was working in the bedroom here and I heard like a crash and then I heard squealing tires I knew it was very, very close,” Richard Coffman said.

    The painter leaped out of the bedroom.

    "By the time I was on the other side of the door, the truck was inside the bedroom,” he said.

    Coffman rushed outside to help the driver.

    “I yelled at the guys, ‘ hey, are you ok?’ I tried to get them out of the truck and make sure nobody was hurt and there wasn’t any fire,” he said.

    Amazingly, no one was hurt.

    “I got a little scratch. That was it,” Coffman said pointing to his arm. “My lucky day, absolutely.”

    It’s not clear why the truck lost control.