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Padres Players Prank Maybin

Sometimes, the Padres like to play games off the field



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    Cameron Maybin #24 of the San Diego Padres.

    Sometimes, the Padres like to play games off the field.

    Padres first baseman Yonder Alonso and shortstop Andy Parrino had some fun in New York last week when they played a prank on their teammate Cameron Maybin.

    Alonso and Parrino took the center fielder, who’s a noted burger enthusiast, out to lunch at a popular burger joint in Manhattan.

    Maybin is told that he’s about to eat one of New York’s best burgers, but halfway through his meal he notices other diners who ate the same thing as him are getting sick. The diners, who were actually actors, bolted out of their seats and rushed to the bathroom.

    A waitress then goes over to Maybin and tells him that there might be a problem with his meal. Maybin immediately stops chewing and spits his half-eaten burger into a napkin.

    After a few minutes, the center fielder’s concerns are lifted when the restaurant manager comes out to reveal the prankster's joke: Nothing was wrong with the burger, they were just messing with Maybin.

    Alonso and Parrino can barely contain their laughter as Maybin learns he won’t be fated with a serious case of food poisoning.

    MLB Fan Cave captured the entire event on hidden cameras – watch the video below to see Maybin’s reaction.


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