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PCP Lab Discovered in City Heights

Gunshot fire tipped police to hazardous substance



    Police responding to reports of a gun shot ended up discovering a PCP lab in City Heights Sunday afternoon.

    Officers arrived to a home on 46th St. but did not find anyone in the home. Bystanders pointed to an apartment nearby where the shooter and another man fled to.

    Police pursued the men and found three types of guns in addition to a "sizeable" amount of liquid PCP in a cooler.

    The officers immediately called a Hazmat crew to clean up the hazardous substance. Officers said the apartment had a horrible smell.

    PCP Lab Discovered in City Heights

    [DGO] PCP Lab Discovered in City Heights
    Police responding to reports of a gun shot ended up discovering a PCP lab in City Heights early Monday morning.
    (Published Monday, Feb. 20, 2012)

    Tenents were evacuated while the crew cleaned up the substance.

    The two men were taken into custody and will likely be charged with parole violation and posession with intent to manufacture PCP.

    The PCP discovery follows one of the largest PCP busts in recent history last week in Los Angeles. Police there seized more than 100 gallons of PCP. They said that was enough enough PCP doses for 10 million people.

    A North County drug expert says PCP labs like these are extremely rare. He has not seen any PCP trends affecting the San Diego community.

    On the other hand, A Scripps-Mercy physican says he's very concerned that last weekend's discovery of PCP drug labs in LA and San Diego could foreshadow a resurgence of the dangerous street drug.

    Dr. Davis Cracroft told NBC 7 News that PCP users are particularly vulnerable to overdoses, and have unpredictable reactions to that very dangerous street drug.

    Cracroft said some users exhibit almost "super-human" strength, which, when combined with the user's lack of judgment, can put their life at risk, and cause possibly fatal confrontations with police.

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