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Online Game Targets Immigrants

"Border Patrol" Encourages Players to shoot Mexicans as they try to cross the border



    Critics of an online game called Border Patrol are gathering signatures to have the game removed but one legal expert believes they’re facing an uphill battle.

    The object: To keep Mexicans from crossing the border by shooting them as they run past a sign that says “Welcome to the United States.”

    The flag on the sign doesn't have stars representing the 50 states but the Star of David.

    Under the sign are the words “welfare office” with an arrow.

    Perhaps one of the most disturbing images is a pregnant woman called a "breeder" who runs with her children in tow.

    Pedro Rios is with the American Friends Service Committee. He believes games like this one end up playing out in real life.

    "There is a potential of it creating a situation where someone might be inspired to create the same violence on another human being.”

    There's now an online petition to have the game removed but Internet Law Attorney T.C. Johnston says that's not going to be easy.

    "If there's nothing infringing on anybody's trademarks, infringing on anybody's copyrights, if it's not obscene by law there's really no way to get it pulled down just because you think it's offensive.”

    The “Border Patrol” game isn't the only discriminatory video game out there. There are others including “Ethnic Cleansing,” “Shoot the Blacks” and “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” to name a few.

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