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'Once a Predator, Always a Predator': Prosecutor

Bail is set at $1 million for a man accused of a pair of sexual assaults



    A convicted felon faces life in prison for the alleged kidnap and rape of an East County teenager and at least one other victim.

    "The defendant is a poster child for the ethos that a predator who is once a predator, will always be a predator," said Deputy District Attorney Samantha Begovich.

    The prosecutor asked that bail be set at $500,000 for accused sex offender David Lascelles who was arraigned by videoconference from the El Cajon jail on Thursday.

    Judge Charles Ervin set bail even higher at $1-million.

    'Once a Predator, Always a Predator'

    [DGO] 'Once a Predator, Always a Predator'
    Bail is set at $1 million for a man accused of a pair of sexual assaults.
    (Published Friday, Dec. 10, 2010)

    "He used a rouse on the victim, telling her that they were going Christmas shopping and that's what she believed," said a detective.

    Instead, Lascelles allegedly drove the 15 year-old victim from the El Cajon Wal-Mart to Fiesta Island where detectives say he threatened her with a gun and raped her.

    Lascelles is accused of a similar crime last month.

    "She is 22 years-of-age and he also raped her and forced various sex acts upon her," said Begovich.

    The prosecutor says Lacelles knew both alleged victims.

    Lacelles is charged under Chelsea's Law -- named for local murder victim Chelsea King -- because one of the alleged victims is under 17. A conviction could send him to prison, for life.

    "If you do certain things that aggravate the offense, the punishment is increased. In this case, he tied one of his victims, in this case he used a weapon. All of those factors that serve to enhance his punishment," said Begovich.

    Lascelles pleaded not guilty to the new allegations.

    The prosecutor said Lascelles is also a suspect in yet another sex crime in San Diego County.