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Officer Tases 14-Year-Old

The teenager is facing charges of theft and assault of an officer



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    A 14-year-old student was tased by an officer Tuesday after he reportedly fought with police attempting to detain him.

    Police were notified of $5,000 worth of stolen iPods at Correa Middle School near Point Loma and began questioning students on Tuesday. Several students were questioned by officers.

    The 14-year-old was found with a stolen iPod in his possession, according to school officials. As officers tried to detain the teenager, he fought them and was tased by an SDPD officer.

    The teenager then pulled the taser barb off and the SDPD officer tased him a second time. He was then detained.

    Two school police officers had minor knee injuries following the incident.

    The teenager is facing charges of theft and assault on an officer.

    On Thursday, parents in Point Loma said they understood why the police had to take the action they did.

    "I'm trusting that the policeman did what they felt they had to do," one parent said. "If a kid was out of control and you know, Junior High, it could be a bigger, you know, they're not little kids anymore."