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Police: Man Approaches Cop with Metal Pipe

Two Samaritans assisted the officer on duty in El Cajon



    Police: Man Approaches Cop with Metal Pipe

    A man who attempted to attack a police officer in El Cajon was reportedly on an intoxicated rampage in which he also stole merchandise and threatened a security guard.

    Police say an officer was responding to a call on 230 Jamacha Rd. in El Cajon at about 11:50 p.m. The officer was outside his patrol car when he saw a transient coming at him with a metal pipe, according to an El Cajon Police Department report.

    Police said the officer called for back-up. He pulled his gun on the man, but didn't fire any shots.

    The man, later identified as Richard Nevett, had just stolen items from a nearby Fresh and Easy store on North Second St. Nevett was reportedly intoxicated, and when a security guard approached him, he swung the metal pipes at the guard, the report said.

    El Cajon Police Officer Ben Hogan found Nevett after he fled the store and attempted to stop him. He began kicking and punching Hogan. Then Hogan was able to tase Nevett.

    Nevett fell to the ground, injuring his head in the altercation.

    As Hogan was struggling to detain the man, two good Samaritans driving by witnessed the attack and jumped out of their truck to help assist the officer.

    With the help of those two men, the suspect was detained and arrested. The officer had a minor cut to his hand.

    Local police officers have faced a string of attacks dating back to last fall.

    Officer Christopher Wilson was killed during a gun battle in a Skyline apartment. Officer David Hall committed suicide outside his home after he faced drunk driving charges. Detective Donna Williams was stabbed to death in her home. Officer Jeremy Henwood was shot to death in City Heights.

    All of them were with the San Diego Police Department.

    In August, El Cajon police officer Jarred Slocum was shot during a domestic violence dispute. He was recently released from the hospital.