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Oceanside's Stray Animals Need a New Home

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    Oceanside's Stray Animals Need a New Home
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    The San Diego Humane Society has told the City of Oceanside they will not renew their animal control contract with the city once it expires on October 31, the North County Times is reporting.

    After October, the city will have to find another way to care for stray animals in Oceanside.

    San Diego Humane Society President Mark Goldstein said he is willing to give the city a six-month transition period, the paper reports, giving them time to find another firm to handle their animal control services.

    Oceanside City Manager Peter Weiss told the paper he was shocked to hear of the humane society's decision.

    "I'm not even sure we can answer what the impacts are," Weiss told the paper. "We were prepared to go with a one-year extension of their contract. This is a complete surprise and shock to me."

    The humane society emailed their decision to the city's Real Estate Manager Doug Eddow, who according to the paper was responsible for negotiating the contract with the humane society.

    The San Diego Humane Society took over animal control services in Oceanside and Vista in January, when it absorbed the North County Humane Society, turning that organization's shelter into what the humane society now calls its North Campus, the paper said.

    Oceanside's contract with the Humane Society expired June 30 and was extended to Oct. 31 while a new contract was negotiated.

    San Diego Humane Society will continue providing animal control for the city of Vista.