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Oceanside Math Teacher’s Lessons Go Viral

MiraCosta teacher says lessons are easy to understand



    One MiraCosta College math teacher is the biggest thing in her field since School House Rock.

    Julie Harland’s math lessons recently went viral on YouTube, reaching 1 million hits last month, our media partner, the North County Times reports.

    Harland says the lessons, which she creates at home on a tablet computer, are easy to understand and free. She’s made over 500 videos and has viewers all over the world – including in prison.

    The videos range in content from finding the area of a circle to pre-calculus and set theories.

    Perhaps as proof that math is not as stiff as it’s made out to be, Harland is also an Israeli dancing fanatic and avid fan. Her website features pictures of her in full belly-dancing garb – but that’s just a Halloween costume, she disclaims.

    "I feel like a teacher of the world right now, which is so very different," she told the NCT. "I feel like I'm making an impact."

    For more on Harland’s math lessons, check out her website, or read more on the North County Times’ website.