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Occupy SD Must Go On, Protesters Say

Despite performances this weekend, occupation will stay in Civic Center Plaza



    Occupy SD Must Go On, Protesters Say
    Jason F. Livecchi
    Campers have been seen singing, sleeping or talking with fellow supporters while occupying downtown.

    While a performance in scheduled at the Civic Center Plaza on Saturday, demonstrators camping out for the Occupy San Diego protest say they're not leaving.

    The nationwide protest is facing challenges to remain in place, as over 900 demonstrators have been arrested in several different cities.

    On Wall Street, they're being told to vacate a park so the city can clean it, but they'll be allowed to return. In Dallas, they are living in the city center without a permit.

    Here in San Diego, they're breaking laws and wondering if they'll be forced out.

    This Saturday the World of Dance Tour is coming the Civic Center concourse.

    While there was talk about moving the protest to Balboa Park, the demonstrators voted to stay. They're going to try to work with the performers and accommodate them while remaining in place.

    They actually voted to clean up a bit and form a welcoming committee.

    All the while, they're aware that having tents up here violates the law. They are working with a police mediator in what has been a cooperative relationship between the two. Police have said that as long as they're not violent, they'll support their right to protest. Protesters hope it stays that way.