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November Gas Prices at Record High

Price at the pump could impact holiday spending



    November Gas Prices at Record High
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    The price of gas should be coming down this time of year but it's not, in fact today's prices are the highest on record for any November is San Diego.

    "If this was a normal year prices would be about a dollar lower," said Charles Langley with the Utilities Consumers' Action Network (UCAN).  Langley says traditionally June has the highest gas prices but that starts changing in October.  By November, Langley says we should see prices much lower.

    "They should be dropping like a bag of hot rock," said Langley.

    Driver Clarence Goodman keeps waiting for things to change. "There is no relief," said Goodman, "it is relieving our pockets of money I guess."

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    Higher gas prices can be bad for a struggling economy and even worse for holiday shopping.  Drivers are spending more money at the tank and not on their gift list.  Higher diesel prices could impact food prices as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

    Charles Langley says nearly everything we buy is shipped using diesel power and higher prices are a tremendous drag on the economy.

    "Right now we are in economic doldrums," said Langley, "and it has a lot to do with the price of oil and gas."