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North County Cities Posting Salaries Online

How much does your elected official earn?



    North County Cities Posting Salaries Online
    Bill Wechter/North County Times
    The salaries of Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood and other city officials will now be posted on the city's website.

    Oceanside, Carlsbad, Escondido and a few other select North County cities have begun to post the salaries and wages of elected officials and city workers on their website, following the pay scandal in the Los Angeles suburb of Bell, reports the North County Times.

    "The taxpayers are paying our salary, I think the taxpayers should know what they are paying us," Oceanside City Councilman Jerry Kern told the paper. Kern asked the city of Oceanside to post salaries for the city's workers last week, the paper reports.

    In July, the Los Angeles Times reported that the salaries for officials working for the city of Bell were astronomical in comparison to other cities. Bell, a city of 37,000 residents was paying its chief administrative officer $787,637. In comparison, the paper reported the average annual salary of a city manager in Los Angeles County is $210,000.

    California State Controller John has now ordered all cities and counties to report to him the salaries of elected officials and city workers.

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