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No Compensation for "Bomb Factory" Owners

The County says it was an emergency



    No Compensation for "Bomb Factory" Owners reports

    The owners of the so-called "Bomb Factory House" have been refused a 500-thousand-dollar claim for their losses and emotional distress, according to the North County Times.

    Authorities burned down the Escondido home last month after finding the largest stash of homemade explosives ever on American soil.

    An attorney representing the couple demanded the payout for their inconvenience. But in a recent letter, the counsel for the county says "The County is not willing to agree to your proposal."

    The county claims it was justified because it was an emergency, however, the homeowner and their attorney don't believe it was truly an emergency.

    The home's renter, George Jakubec, 54, has pleaded not guilty to federal bomb making and bank robbery charges.  Jakubec faces 28 criminal counts, most related to possession of explosives connected to what was discovered on the property of the home on Via Scott in unincorporated Escondido.

    Jakubec is accused of compiling what’s believed to be the largest stockpile of a highly explosive material -- hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, or HMTD, -- ever discovered in the U.S. Jakubec has pleaded not guilty to all charges, which includes two robbery counts.

    He remains in federal custody, being held without bail