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'No Bama, No Boxer, No Bono'



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    Andrew Foulk/The Californian
    Protesters line Rancho California Road and hold up protest signs, as motorists drive by Duck Pond Park in Temecula.

    A crowd estimated by organizers to have topped out at 1,000 stood on all four corners of the intersection near Duck Pond Park in Temecula Saturday afternoon, some holding signs critical of the government and others waving flags. They elicited many thumbs up and honking horns of support from drivers who passed by.

    Signs showed messages such as "Congress stay out of my wallet," "No Bama, No Boxer, No Bono" and "You can't fix stupid, you can only vote them out."

    "We're just out here trying to get our message out," one of the organizers, Rick Reiss, told the North County Times. "A lot of people are frustrated with the government. ... People want government to leave them alone. They don't need government to come in and do everything for us."

    While there was criticism of the final year of George W. Bush's presidency, and a lot of anger with U.S. Rep. Mary Bono Mack being one of eight Republicans in Congress to vote in favor of the "cap and trade" energy bill, most of the negativity was aimed at Obama. The economic stimulus plan, energy policies and the unemployment rate drew the most ire.

    "It's going to bankrupt our future generation," Reiss said. "Look what this generation is going to leave behind, it's an absolute disgrace."

    Four local men showed up in support of Obama. "I'm a liberal," Britton Stackman of Murrieta said. "I felt my voice needed to be heard as much as their voice needed to be heard."