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Next Stop: San Diego

Meg and Jerry will be in San Diego today



    Next Stop: San Diego
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    Oct. 12, 2010: Republican gubernatorial candidate and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman speaks during a debate with Democratic gubernatorial candidate and California State Attorney General Jerry Brown at Dominican University of California in San Rafael, Calif.

    On the final day of campaigning before the midterm election, San Diego is a key destination for both major-party candidates in the California governor's race.

      Front-running Democrat Jerry Brown, the state's attorney general, revved up a crowd of supporters at Cafe Coyote in Old Town this morning, appearing in a retinue of Democrats that included California Secy. of State Debra Bowen, Controller John Chiang, and insurance commissioner candidate Dave Jones.
    Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, is scheduled to meet-and-greet volunteers at the GOP field office in Old Town at 4:45 p.m., her 55th visit to San Diego since last year.
    On Saturday, Whitman addressed supporters in Vista.
    During his remarks today, Brown -- leading by ten points in the latest California Field Poll -- drew laughs and cheers while referring to Whitman by name.
    "The reason why people come to California is, they want a new opportunity," Brown said. "Meg Whitman came to California because she was sitting there somewhere back on the East Coast and the snow was falling, and she looked to Calfifornia and said, 'Boy, that young governor out there (himself), boy what a job he's doing'!"
    Later, citing Whitman's claims that Texas and Arizona have more attractive business climates than California's, Brown observed: "I saw some statistics that the corporate tax in Texas is actually higher than in California.  And the deficit in Arizona is higher than the deficit in California.  So be careful what you wish for, Meg!"
    As he departed the cafe through a throng of handshakers and well-wishers, Brown munched on a to-go burrito and got into a large black Chevrolet sedan.
    "No more General Motors!" shouted someone on the sidewalk.  "Bring an electric car next time!"