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New Victim in Baby Selling Ring?

Theresa Erickson admits selling unborn babies



    There's a possible new victim in a baby-selling ring that could send three women to federal prison.

    Theresa Erickson was a well-known fertility lawyer, with an office in Poway, and a world-wide reputation. But three months ago, Erickson and two other women pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy.

    Erickson admitted she sold unborn babies and broke state law by arranging for surrogate mothers to carry an embryo without a signed contract with the intended parents.

    Now, Sharp HealthCare is also calling itself a victim.

    In a legal filing, Sharp claims at least seven of those babies were born at one of its hospitals, with medical costs of more than $850,000.

    Sharp says Erickson told the intended parents she had insurance for those bills or that she misled them about the cost of hospital care.

    Sharp claims it was paid just a fraction of those costs, and is still owed more than $600,000.

    "Yes, I think the hospital ought to be able to recoup what it was supposed to be paid. It obviously won't be 100 percent of their charges, it never is, but sure, why shouldn't the hospital go after someone who defrauded them," said Ted Mazer, M.D. of the San Diego County Medical Society.

    Theresa Erickson will be sentenced in federal court in January.

    We contacted her lawyers for comment on this latest development but have not heard back from them.